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Hello people, what’s up, it is you who inspire me for my posts.

My blog is OF THE PEOPLE like you, who made me who I am today.
This blog is made BY THE PEOPLE like you and me & it’s sole purpose FOR THE PEOPLE is to let you know about PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES, CODING / PROGRAMS or TROUBLESHOOTING stuffs.
So feel free to connect here at this blog because this blog is much like home for the people like you.

So now first things first,

My name is Gaurav Khare, I studied Computer Engineering from Atharva College of Engineering, I completed my engineering in year 2016.
I stay in Mumbai, Maharashtra.
My hobbies are drawing, blogging, learning, playing football.
So now in this blog I want to put my knowledge, my adventure, our ideas or views, also to spread awareness about environment, also sports updates and lots more stuff.

All this wont be possible without you, so I want you to subscribe, like and share my blog, your suggestions, views and comments are most welcomed.
Thank you for your time for being here. I’m looking forward to connect with you guys.


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