Some of you or many of you must be wondering, that why after certain customization the sidebar is not showing some widgets on home page. I faced the same problem yesterday while customizing the theme. The actual problem I was facing was that on my Home page I wanted both the latest posts to be shown on page and widgets like categories, latest posts, latest comments and follow button to be displayed. But it was showing either the latest posts on the page or the widgets, but not together. I was not facing this problem earlier when I activated the theme, as both widgets and latest posts on page were showing simultaneously. So I tried myself to solve it for one & half hour or so and also searched online for the solution, but none of them were worked.

So finally to give a last try I activated another theme and reactivated the old theme. After that I went to Customize > Widgets > Sidebar and selected all the widgets that I want. That’s it, all the required widgets were at the place.
Or you can delete all the widgets and add them again.

Settings that were applied,

  • Customize > Static Front Page > Front page displays > Your latest post
  • Menu > Home(page): site
  • Pages > Blog Posts > Homepage