Journey to Raigad Fort on 25th December 2016 with my brothers.

Raigad Fort (The King’s Fort) is located near Mahad, Raigad District of Maharashtra.
Raigad fort was built by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and was also the capital of Maratha Empire in 1674. It is located 2700 ft or 820 metres above sea level, with approx 1700 steps leading the fort. Raigad fort was initial known as Rairi which was built by Chandrarrao More, but is was captured by Shivaji Maharaj. Shivaji Maharaj renovated and expanded the fort and renamed it as Raigad.

Now, to reach the fort you can either go through ropeway or take the stairs. When we arrived to the booking office of ropeway there was lots of crowd “as always”, so we decided to go up there using stairs and little trekking. But before starting the journey, we took 6 water bottles, 2 soft drinks and little snacks. If you want to go by trekking then avoid eating heavy food items and eat lite. Snacks and drinks are available in the whole journey, but its better to be prepared.




That’s the ropeway!!, a little scary to watch but safe.

Almost halfway 

This is almost half way point, and by the looks you can tell we are very exhausted.
Taking regular halts and drinking little water kept us going. The mountain tip which you can see in the left, that is the “TAKMAK POINT”. We will see about it soon.

Main Gate

After 3/4th of the journey there was this main gate or main door. Some renovation of the door was taking place at that time. Standing in front of this gate and if you will see to right side you will see the beautiful view of the mountain range and the blue sky.


Now after entering the main gate turn left to continue the journey and you can even go up the circular wall of the main gate for more nice views. There was this map to know our current location.

Main gate and cannon


This is the top view of the main gate. If you can see there is a cannon in the bottom left of the picture. There are two cannons over there but you can see one in the picture.

Elephant Tank

Now finally we reached to the top but the journey was not over yet. We first came across the “Elephant Tank”, (as you can see in the right picture). Yes you heard it right Elephant tank. So the question remains, how did the elephants climbed this high. The answer is that there are approx 3 to 4 ways to get to this fort and one way was using a long stretched slope that was from one village leading to the fort. This way was not known to all at that time. This way elephants were able to get to the fort easily and efficiently. Well that’s what I heard.

Shirkai Devi Temple

Moving ahead we came across “Shirkai Devi Temple”. We were feeling blessed,  and took a halt there for say 15 mins under a tree, had some snacks and soft drinks.


After Shirkai Devi Temple we went to the market area (Left image) of that time and to its right was the Shivaji Maharaj’s Statue.

Samadhi (Tomb) of Shivaji Maharaj

After market we went to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s Samadhi (Tomb). Before the tomb there was a Lord Shiv Temple & Lord Hanuman (on Left). After the temple was the Samadhi (on Right).

Takmak Point

After that we went to “Takmak Point” which is the most beautiful and thrilling view of Raigad. You can see the railing in center – right side of the above image that’s the Takmak point.

Durbar and Samadhi

After Takmak Point we went to Shivaji Maharaj’s Durbar (Durbar entrance – left image). Opposite to where we are standing, we can see the tomb(top Right image) and in the bottom right image we can see the Lord Shiva’s Temple (Left hand side) and the tomb with light yellow color dome on right hand side.


Inside the Durbar was the Shivaji Maharaj’s Throne.

Back home via ropeway

We covered almost all the places of the fort and it was also starting to get darker. So this time we went down using ropeway. We bought the tickets and were shocked to hear that it will take like 2&1/2 hours more to get on ropeway due to the queue. So we had breakfast there and then our turn came to get on the rope way.


After that on the way home we had dinner at hotel, went home safely and slept in peace.

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